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Home Security

Home Security has become one of the most essential needs of all. Our goal is to notify you of suspicious situations before they escalate to a crime, making everyday life safer. Bein systems offers customized home security solution based on your needs, existing systems, budget and time. Be alerted before something bad happens, see what the cause is and get a chance to protect yourself, family and valuables. It doesn’t matter what security system you already have we just add intrusion detection and notification on to it.

We assure you safety for your family (slogan)


  • We alert you of any intrusion at your home immediately even when you are away
  • You can’t be viewing your CCTV 24/7, we alert you when to view and where to look immediately an intruder is detected.
  • More than one layers of security which when consecutively breached informs you of which direction the is intruder is approaching from
  • 24hrs panic button alerts to notify you in case of an emergency at home, e.g fire, medical, accident or burglaryTrigger alarm siren from your phone while away when you see suspicious activities at your home.


  • Intruder alarm systems with sms notification of the exact point of intrusion
  • Laser invisible barrier round the house with SMS notification of the exact point of
  • Arm/ Disarm the house alarm and laser remotely from phone
  • Main, Pedestrian and Back Gates open/close alert
  • Battery low/ mains power off SMS Alert
  • Trigger the house alarm remotely from phone
  • Electric Fence ON/OFF and Fence alarm alert
  • Allow authorized numbers to check if your house alarm is armed or not and be
    able to arm it themselves
  • 24HRS Room panic alert
  • 24HRS 360 degrees CCTV surveillance with trip wire alarm if someone
    approaches the house.
  • Automatically turn ON security lights in case of an alarm