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Mall Security System

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Project Details

Client: Retail Mall
Location: Eldoret, Kenya
Year Completed:2019
Category: Wholesale & Retail Trade

Project Overview

Shopping centers bring together many people who find in this space the ideal option to go shopping, have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, watch a movie or meet for a coffee, among other options. For this reason, the security protocol in shopping centers is of vital importance because we are exposed to certain threats.


This system’s main user is a security control room operator, who must not only have a birds’ eye view of the entire mall, but must also be able to focus on any specific area at a moment’s notice. Effectively responding to potential safety hazards means knowing the precise location of a potential event and the nearest appropriate source of assistance — fire alarms, fire extinguishers, security, cleaners, etc.  At any given time, a control room operator must access a detailed map of the mall — complete with locations of shops, sensors, staff, etc. — while simultaneously maintaining easy access to mall-wide cameras.