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  • BEIN offers cloud back up in case local recordings lost or damaged
  • You will be able to monitor all the premises, personnel and stock via a control room & receive alerts immediately the restricted areas have been intruded.
    1. Perimeter & Premises protection. Be able to monitor and be notified of any potential threats in and out of the premise boundary.
    2. Human & Stock protection: Be able to monitor human movement and detect suspicious characters within the premise and to protect stock from theft.
    3. Data recording and analysis: be able to have data e.g. most visited areas within the premise, busiest counter, most intruded section, etc for the benefit of the company.

Keep working we will notify you when to watch your cameras that is what BEIN SYTEMS does. This layer enables you view activities around your home/business and immediately receive a security breach alert. We install CCTV cameras that matches your security needs. Each camera feature customized to accomplish a certain task based on the information our client needs. E.g. motion detection to trigger alarm when movement is detected, surveillance only, Nanny cameras, talking cameras to enable you talk to the intruder remotely, counting cameras, thermal cameras, etc.

  • Monitor the gates and get know if they are open at the wrong time
  • Check the status of the generator on site on/off, faulty
  • Get notified in case of an alarm from individual houses
  • Get notified in case of an alarm from the perimeter electric fence
  • Get to know whether the security lights have been turned on/off
  • Monitor all the entrance and exist in the estate, by CCTV or access control
  • Get to know of any CCTV failure on site


We warn you before crime happens.

At Bein We Warn You Before a Crime Happens