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This service enables the real estate agents to manage and Get to know exactly what is happening in all their properties remotely from one location. The package is tailored to enable you control and check status of the common amenities such as security systems, e.g. electric fences, gates, water pumps, lights, generator, power, etc. on all their properties.

  • Make your tenants feel valued and protected.
  • Get you updated on all the vital information across your clients making you step
    ahead in sorting their complains
  • Reduces the element of inside coordinated theft
  • Gets you data and information necessary for planned maintenance
  • One off installation saves maintenance cost
  • Monitor the gates and get know if they are open at the wrong time
  • Check the status of the generator on site on/off, faulty
  • Get notified in case of an alarm from individual houses
  • Get notified in case of an alarm from the perimeter electric fence
  • Get to know whether the security lights have been turned on/off
  • Monitor all the entrance and exist in the estate, by CCTV or access control
  • Get to know of any CCTV failure on site

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