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Home Security

Home Security has become one of the most essential needs of all. Our goal is to notify you of suspicious situations before they escalate to a crime, making everyday life safer. Bein systems offers customized home security solution based on your needs, existing systems, budget and time. Be alerted before something bad happens, see what the cause is and get a chance to protect yourself, family and valuables. It doesn’t matter what security system you already have we just add intrusion detection and notification on to it.

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Perimeter Security

The physical perimeter fence is your first layer of defense on which we add intelligence on to it. To make it detect and report any intrusion in real time. Imagine a situation where you are notified before the real crime is committed Yes, that is what BEIN SYSTEMS does. It can be; stone wall, electric fence, razor wire, barbed wire, chain-link or mesh.
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GSM Intergration

This solution is offered to clients who already have installed security system.We have based this service around the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) platform; almost every one of our targeted customer has access to a mobile phone and that’s the catch.We integrate the existing system/s to perform as single unit using this platform.You get to have full control and real flow of information from your security systems on to your mobile phone; You get notified of any burglary attempt or intrusion via SMS from anywhere in the world Immediately they happen.

NO DELAYs! This alerts are send in bulk to up to 10 numbers of your choice enabling immediate response which means saving life and loses
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Vehicle Anti Theft

This solution is designed to send an SMS notification immediately any of the car doors is opened, Ignition has been switched on and the vehicle is about to leave. This gives you a chance to immediately immobilizing the vehicle. In case of emergency while driving press the secret panic button fitted in the vehicle, which sends customized SMS notification such as “I am hijacked” to response unit or police who will be able to track your vehicle immediately.
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Business Monitoring

Are you worried about what is going on at your place of business while you are away?

SOLUTION : This solution will provide you with all the information you need on your mobile phone. It will guarantee you security of your, business premises, stock and staff and offer you a peace of mind and time to focus on other business deals.
APPLICATION : This solution provides a round –to clock safety and security system specifically designed to assist you in securing and monitoring your business premises which includes; Shop, Stall, Saloon, Hardware, supermarket, ETC This business solution assists you in monitoring, controlling and managing people and activities remotely.
DATA : We give you the ability to understand diverse customer needs and deliver optimal quality driven solution by Integrating third party systems, Human Resource systems, powers systems and existing security systems to create a reliable optimum and information generating security solution

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